Why Broadcast Traffic Systems?

Tackle real world challenges with a proven solution.

Established over 15 years ago, Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS) is a leading supplier of traffic solutions to the broadcasting industry. We have clients throughout the world, each day at television organisations in six continents over two hundred channels are broadcast using BTS software. Our clients range from small broadcasters to large multi-national organisations.

Benefits of BTS products and customer service includes:

  • BTS have a proven track record of successful projects so selecting BTS is a risk free option
  • Responsive Customer Support backed by knowledgeable staff who understand broadcasting
  • A flexible approach to implementation ensuring that project deadlines and budgets are met
  • BTS applications are available at cost effective prices with a range of options for payment
  • Saleable system design means the BTS product can grow as a broadcasters business grows
  • Larger clients can obtain a product tailored to specific operational workflows
  • Our modern and open technical base gives a choice of hardware and a future-proof product