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ENTERPRISE is a scalable application designed for broadcasters who require a comprehensive business solution that can be tailored to meet a specific business or operational workflow. Suitable for all types of broadcasters Enterprise contains all the modules and features needed to manage a Channel Management and/or Ad-Sales operation. Built using a modular structure it is possible to select only those modules that are required for your operation.

Key Modules – Channel Management

  • Programme Database
  • Long Term Planner
  • Non Linear Scheduling (VOD and Catch-Up)
  • Licensing Rights and Finance
  • Transmission Scheduling
  • Media Library
  • Promotion Campaign Management
  • EPG generation

Key Modules – Ad-Sales

  • Sales Proposals
  • Availability management (integrated with Channel Management)
  • Sales Contract maintenance
  • Spot Booking – auto or selective placement with Audience Rating or Spot based booking
  • Booking Optimiser
  • As-Run reconciliation
  • Sales Invoicing and analysis
  • Sales Analysis

General Features

  • Multi-channel, region and currency.
  • Operation is via a browser with local or remote connections
  • iPad compatible
  • True multi-language with data input in any language.
  • Operates on all major operating systems and databases.
  • Integrated auditing
  • Local network or Internet operation

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