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News 2022
Broadcast Traffic Systems Adds AirTime Designer Feature

Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS) has enhanced its on prem and cloud-based traffic management solutions with a break creator tool. Initially developed during a project with a leading entertainment provider, the tool integrates with third party scheduling systems to seamlessly create breaks per customers’ requirements.

BTS provides systems for single and multichannel broadcasts, helping broadcasters with long term planning and advertising sales without restriction. Developed as a modular system, users can tailor the BTS system to their needs, adding the specific features needed to manage a channel management and/or ad-sales operation.

The AirTime Designer allows customers to integrate external channel management systems to BTS’ solutions, which then takes the schedule and creates the breaks within the content to the necessary requirements. The tool includes break manipulation, which allows break times to be adjusted for certain demographics, and compliance checking, to ensure that content and ad-timings are correct.

Craig Buckland, Technical Director, Broadcast Traffic Systems, commented: “Rules around ad breaks can be complex. Some markets set the total number of ad-minutes by day, meaning airtime can be borrowed from one hour and given back later in the day. Having a tool which responds to different regional requirements reduces time and errors. This feature further enhances our traffic management solutions, while maintaining the scalability and efficiency that our products are known for.”

The new tool is now available as an add-on product to existing and new BTS packages and solutions.

About Broadcast Traffic Systems

Established in 2000, Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS) is a leading supplier of traffic solutions to the broadcasting industry. The company’s objective is to offer scalable, cost-efficient solutions suitable for single and multi-channel broadcasters. It can provide a complete system from long term planning and advertising sales through to integration with transmission playout systems.


BTS has customers throughout the globe, covering six continents and including many of the world’s leading broadcasters.