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BTS Launches Ad-Supported VOD Traffic Solution

Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS) has launched an ad-supported VOD traffic solution. The scalable application enables media companies to rapidly launch Advertising Video on Demand (AVOD) channels.

BTS AVOD can take a single VOD asset and create a mini schedule for playout. It can also create breaks within the VOD asset as well as scheduling all associated promotional and branding events. The channel or platform can easily place advertising into those breaks, which can also be precisely targeted to the viewer to maximise engagement and return on investment for advertisers.

BTS AVOD is a cloud-based application that can be rapidly installed and allows for remote access via a web browser. It is compatible with multiple platforms and regions, allowing for data input in any language. Users can manage scheduling of their VOD assets and adverts, as well as being able to manage ad bookings via the platform.

Craig Buckland, Technical Director, Broadcast Traffic Systems, commented: “Many broadcasters are looking to supplement their linear channels with VOD offerings. Monetising these can be challenging. This tool makes it easy to manage those VOD services while ensuring they can support targeted advertising to maximise those monetisation opportunities.”

With BTS AVOD, users can monetise their content across multiple channels with targeted advertising. It also includes integrated auditing, as well as sales invoicing analysis, giving users complete control over ad sales.


About Broadcast Traffic Systems

Established in 2000, Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS) is a leading supplier of traffic solutions to the broadcasting industry. The company’s objective is to offer scalable, cost-efficient solutions suitable for single and multi-channel broadcasters. It can provide a complete system from long term planning and advertising sales through to integration with transmission playout systems. BTS has customers throughout the globe, covering six continents and including many of the world’s leading broadcasters.