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Blog | 5 Best Practices to Master Channel Management
News 2023
Blog | 5 Best Practices to Master Channel Management

Channel management is a complex process which requires ongoing attention and optimisation to thrive in the dynamic broadcasting industry. To stay competitive and drive revenue, broadcasters need advanced traffic scheduling tools to streamline workflows. However, to maximise audience engagement and generate new streams of revenue, there are several aspects to consider.

We’ve put together five best practices for mastering the channel management process:

1. Optimise platforms for enhanced viewer experience

To satisfy consumer expectations, platforms should include a diverse library of content, intuitive navigation, high level video quality and streaming performance, personalised recommendations, and seamless cross-device compatibility. By providing a smooth and user-friendly experience, viewers are more likely to engage with the content, discover new shows, and develop loyalty to the channel.

2. Utilise consumer data

Continuous monitoring of channel performance is vital. By analysing viewer metrics, utilising recommendation algorithms, and seeking viewer feedback, channel managers can leverage consumer data to deliver personalised content recommendations. Understanding viewer preferences and behaviour allows for targeted programming choices, which increases engagement. Tailoring the content experience based on individual viewer data enhances the overall viewer experience, fosters loyalty, and attracts new audiences. By utilising analytics to understand viewer engagement and preferences, broadcasters can adapt strategies and sustain growth in a competitive landscape.

3. Enhance ad-sales strategies for revenue growth

To optimise revenue generation, broadcasters should implement targeted advertising, measure ad performance, cultivate advertiser partnerships, and embrace programmatic advertising. Utilising the consumer data enables precise targeting and increases ad relevance and effectiveness, and measuring ad performance allows for optimisation and refinement. By working closely with advertisers, broadcasters can enhance ad-sales strategies, deliver targeted ads, and maximise revenue.

4. Embrace viewing trends

By adapting to the evolving TV landscape and embracing FAST channels, channel managers can position themselves for success. Focusing on rapid content delivery, optimising ad-supported models, leveraging multi-platform distribution, and emphasising content discoverability, will ensure broadcasters are reaching a highly targeted and engaged audience.

5. Leverage tools

Effective channel management relies on specific and efficient tools to streamline operations and optimise channel performance. Having a system which simplifies the curation and scheduling of content, provides a visualised programming schedule, automates content distribution and streamlines the planning, execution, and monitoring of campaigns, is essential for success.

Broadcasting organisations need scalable, flexible, and integrated solutions to maximise the potential of their channel offerings. Using enhanced, browser-based tools, broadcasters can manage programme databases, long-term channel planning and scheduling, licensing rights, and media libraries with ease.

Broadcast Traffic Systems provides comprehensive traffic systems for single and multi-channel environments, covering the full scheduling and sales processes. Get in touch to learn how our tailored, cost-efficient traffic management solutions can support you in the evolving media landscape.