Blog | 6 Reasons to Meet BTS at IBC
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Blog | 6 Reasons to Meet BTS at IBC

Broadcast Traffic Systems (BTS) is attending IBC this year, and it’s something that we are getting very excited about. As one of the leading suppliers of integrated advertising sales and channel management solutions for the broadcasting industry, we have an impressive line-up of products, and the experience to deliver them to our customers. Here are 6 reasons why you should meet us at IBC this year.

We are Channel Management and AdSales 

It’s not chance that made BTS one of the most well-respected traffic solutions for broadcasters available today. Over 500 television channels globally use BTS software every day to broadcast their content and have been doing so for over two decades.

We have a proven track record of success and a back catalogue of high-quality projects. Features include a programme database, long-term planner, promotional campaign management, linear scheduling, and non-linear scheduling (VOD + Catch Up + FAST). Add to this a world class advertising sales system including ratings, proposals, deals, contract booking, invoicing and financial interfaces and you have an end-to-end solution.

We Offer Scalable and Cost-Effective Solutions 

Our scalable system design ensures that your business is ready for absolutely anything the industry throws at you, no matter how it changes. Our systems are built for scalability and can be tailored to meet any specific business or operational workflow you require. All our applications are available at cost-effective prices, with a range of options for payment. 

We Manage a Wide Range of Broadcasters

Not everyone in the media industry is a multi-national corporation. Our products are built to cater to them, but we’ve designed and built our range of products to be upgradeable, with the ability to tailor them to specific workflows when needed. If you’re a medium or entry level broadcaster with a budget, BTS has off-the-shelf options. We offer three products: Essentials, Express and Enterprise. There really is something for every level of broadcaster. 

We’re Responsive to the Changing Market 

I’m sure everyone has noticed that the broadcast industry has been rapidly changing over the past few years and we’ve been changing with it. Customers are requiring partners with the ability to be as agile as their business demands – to meet the future needs of broadcasting. Businesses everywhere are going to have to start utilising future-proof technologies and partners that can move quickly with them.

Enterprise vs Express vs Essentials: 

Let’s talk about the differences:

  • Essentials is an entry level product to the broadcasting channel management world. It’s perfect for you if you need a comprehensive traffic system at an affordable rate. Basic advertising sales functionality is available with Essentials. Essentials is available on a SaaS basis as well as on-premises.
  • Express is the system for broadcasters who need the sophistication that Enterprise offers, but perhaps don’t need the level of customisation and business analysis of Enterprise. Comprehensive and mid-level advertising sales is available with Express.
  • Enterprise is a high-end application for broadcasters who need a comprehensive business solution. It will be tailored to a broadcaster’s specific workflow, as required. BTS application specialists will spend the time to understand requirements to ensure an application is delivered that is a perfect fit to those requirements. Comprehensive advertising sales is available with Enterprise.

We’ve Got the Solutions for End-To-End Broadcasting

At BTS, we offer solutions to manage the entire end-to-end process of the broadcasting experience, from the acquisition of material, financial contracts, and purchase rights, all the way through to enriched metadata, scheduling, and playout. Aligned with this is a fully integrated advertising sales application including ratings, proposals, deals, contract booking, invoicing and financial interfaces. Whatever your broadcasting needs, you’ll find it with BTS.

We’ll be at IBC from the 15th – 18th September in Hall 3 C.25. Come to meet us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.